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Why Personalized Teaching Makes A Difference.

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Have you ever wondered why your child grades vary with different teachers? A sudden change of teacher and your child’s grade may either drop or improve drastically? Well, the idea is that TEACHERS MATTERS. Regardless whether is your’s child school teacher or home tutor, they play an important role in your child’s learning.

In my 13 years of teaching, I have come to realize the importance of my role as an educator. This realization came in an epiphany when I was reviewing my students’ progress back when I started tutoring fulltime. The two students I was reviewing were particularly weak in math. I have started giving them private tuition at the start of the year. While one of my student’s grade increased greatly the other one hovers along the borderline passing mark.  Puzzled by this outcome, I started reflecting on my teaching methods.

A quick mental scan of my two students allowed me to see the effect of my approach towards my two students. As one of my students was easily distracted, I started putting in more effort into observing her patterns and how I can get her to focus during our session. I started creating a personalized teaching approach for that student. While I took the traditional way to tutor the student that seemed to be more focused. Yet, that was where my biggest mistake came – I got complacent with that student that I assumed was focusing. With that, I took the next few weeks observing and started catering to her learning style, customizing a method that is suitable for her. To her parent’s and her surprise (but not mine), her results rocketed.

From then on, this personalized teaching method follows me everywhere I teach. Although, I never stopped there, as it is my duty to sharpen this skillset of mine. Thus, with this in mind, I began teaching and coaching tutors under me to develop personalized teaching skills to help them with their students.

With that, I would like to emphasize that there is no “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” method as every child is unique. Hence, in the Alexcier, all tutors are trained to recognize the individuality of each student and work on their strength to bring their best results.

If you are keen to know more about us do check out Home Tuition.Have a good day and remember dear parents, all child is unique, hone that uniqueness of theirs and you will see them SHINE.

Principal and Student

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