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Myth About Tuition In Singapore

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Updated: Apr 2

There are many misconceptions about tuition in Singapore. In my 13 years of teaching, I have come across these three to be the most common ones that parents have regarding tuition.

Myth 1. Expensive = Best

The most prevalent myth regarding tuition in Singapore is that the most expensive tutor is the best tutor. Hiring a good tutor does not come cheap. However, tutors that charge the highest rates may not be the best for your child.

I would always give parents this analogy to dispel this myth: “A good pair of shoes is not cheap, but the most expensive pair of shoes might not be the most suitable for you.”

Hence, price should not be your key determiner of a tutor’s effectiveness. Instead, focus on his suitability with your child’s needs.

Myth 2. An NIE-trained teacher is always better at teaching than a Full-Time tutor

NIE trained teachers are good teachers. Does that mean that full-time tutors are not as good as them? I was a school teacher and then subsequently, a full-time tutor. A regular school teacher teaches about 18-20 hours per week while a full-time tutor teaches about 35-40 hours per week. In this sense, a full-time tutor tends to spend more time teaching in a week than a school teacher, which compensates for their lack of formal training. Both a NIE trained teacher or a full-time tutor can be a fantastic tutor for your child.

Myth 3. A tutor with a lot of teaching experience is better than one with a lack of teaching experience

Is it true that a teacher with a lot of teaching experience is better than one with less?


Why do I deem this as a myth? Because it really depends on the teacher himself. A good teacher does not only have good content knowledge. He is one who can also deliver the content well. A good teacher who constantly reflects on and improves his teaching style acquires better teaching skills over the years. Experience does play a major role in being a good teacher. However, if a teacher continues to teach without making any effort to improve in his teaching, he might not be the best tutor for your child.

I hope this clears up some myths some of you may have regarding tuition here in Singapore. I have come across many parents asking me how to determine if a tutor is a good one. I have to say that there is no guarantee. The only thing I have been able do for them is to interview the tutors and match them to the children I think is most suitable for them to teach.

However, do leave a comment and let me what are your thoughts regarding this issue.

If you are keen to know more about your child’s learning needs and how to find the right tutor, do not hesitate to WhatsApp me (Patrick) at 9112 3794. I also offer a free diagnostic assessment for your child to assess your child’s learning needs. If you are interested, you can book a slot for this assessment.

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