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Investing In Our People

For the loving parent, it is natural for you to invest time and money in your children. Learning Smart’s greatest asset has always been our tutors. Like you, we spare no effort to help them grow and shine to become leaders of our nation’s future.

A good investment comes with profit—this we all know. But apart from the usual monetary investments, there is another type of investment that is more meaningful to us. For this type of investment, the returns go beyond dollars and cents. It is witnessing real change and growth in the lives of others; it is empowerment. Why does Learning Smart invest so much in our tutors?

The obvious cost-benefit analysis says that if we were to improve our quality and brand of tutors, we would grow to be a more credible, sought-after company, that draws more students and generate more revenue. (And as always, monetary profit is essential for any business to survive.)

Yet, there is more.

Our tutors are our brand. They are the single area we believe and care for the most. Learning Smart’s vision is to empower them to achieve greatness—and we can only do this by giving.

There are many good resources like worksheets and books and pedagogies to help our tutors succeed but it is ultimately our excellent and supportive people culture that makes us special. We provide our teachers with advice and guidance. We invest in them because we want to help them to be better tutors; for the profession, and for the children who they will mentor in the future.

It is not easy for me and for them. Areas covered during our training sessions include updating/refreshing of content knowledge, teaching pedagogies and communication and presentation skills.

Some new tutors come to me lacking a team spirit; others, unconfident of their ability to conduct lessons and relate to pupils. Coaching them is effortful and patient hard work. But we still do it—because we believe that there is meaning to invest in people.

Apart from the growth of my tutors (which is always a joy to witness), I have also witnessed personal growth. It is said that the best way to improve your skill is to teach it to others, and I see why—each time I share my skills with the younger generation of tutors, I learn something new, too. They question and challenge my existing methods, and they suggest new ideas. Our learning becomes bidirectional; and safe to say, I gain new dimensions of thoughts solely from my interactions with them. It is a fruitful experience.

As the bible says, “Those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.” Investing in people’s lives is meaningful. So I hope to strengthen this belief and practice of investing and mentoring the younger generation not plainly for the money—but for gains which may be less tangible, but nonetheless important.

If you are interested to find out more about us, click here.

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