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How Learning Smart Is Reshaping The Home Tutor’s Journey (And Why You Should Join Us)

What makes our tutors different isn't elite-school graduates or sky-high grades. We are who we are because we are a team. We are a brand of quality, trained teachers who support each other—and you can be one of us, too.

Before Joseph Schooling clinched his first Olympic gold medal in 2016, he endured seven hard years of training, which included strict, tireless laps in the pool and sacrificing all of his favourite foods. It’s no secret the rigour of an athlete’s life. Training is hardly easy; but it is the only way to grow. While it is unlikely tutors will ever have to go through similar long hours of muscle-building, surely they, too, need preparation before their big shots. What does it take before a tutor can confidently promise that he is an effective teacher?

Just as you wouldn’t expect much from an untrained athlete—the bar for an untrained tutor would be low. And this is exactly why many parents remain doubtful towards home tutors today: there is much inconsistency in the industry. Beginner tutors aren’t inherently bad, they are just prone to beginner mistakes. Yes, they will learn, conveniently at the expense of their first few students, who become guinea pigs, tried and tested for teaching methods which work and don’t. This is neither fair nor efficient—so why is this the standard? If we know better than to send untrained athletes to competitions, why are we letting untrained tutors teach our children?

Learning Smart prides ourselves on two things: quality and team. We train our teachers to be excellent—and we do it together. After screening new tutors, we familiarise them with the syllabus. We then share teaching pedagogies and point out the basic mistakes to avoid. These coaching sessions for our new tutors are conducted by the experienced ones. All of us gets a chance to share our stories and ideas and learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Cultivating a shared positive environment enlivens our community and spurs us all to do better.

With shared resources, we are kept up-to-date on changes in marking trends and content syllabus. It is hard to keep up on evolving exam demands for the lone tutor; but for Learning Smart’s ones, the journey is never lonely. You need not fear stagnancy no matter how long you’ve taught—when there are others in the room, there is always space to grow.

And with such constant refinements, your career path will not look bleak. Our tutors carry the brand and value of Learning Smart: quality teachers with a heart for teaching. As your skills better over time and experience, you can expect to see an increment in the rates you can charge. We are committed to supporting your journey and growth as a tutor with us.

As the saying goes, “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.” If teaching is your dream, we want to meet you, and invite you to join our team. Our promise is to prepare you for your biggest shots—and give you a family of trust and support while you’re making the hardest steps.

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