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Finding A Suitable Private Tutor In Singapore?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Updated: Apr 2

How do we find a suitable home tutor in Singapore for our children? This is hardly an easy task as engaging a new private tutor tends to be a hit or miss.

For most people, an ideal tutor is one who is well-established. He is backed by strong found paper qualifications and keeps a track record of his number of students. No doubt impressive—but is he always the most suitable for your child?

Let’s think about this: Given a choice between a $6 meal of fish and chips from a typical hawker centre and a $38 one from a 5-star hotel restaurant, which do you prefer? Some might prefer the one from the hawker centre while some might like the hotel’s one better. There is no right or wrong answer because it all boils down to subjective preference. Tutors, too, come at various fees. But parents should not use the fee as an indicator of the tutor’s effectiveness. Numbers simply cannot reflect the suitability of the tutor for your child.

It is important to find the right tutor who can meet your child’s needs—someone who can transfer the right content and skills and do it such that your child likes his lessons.

So how do you know if your tutor is right for your child?

It is recommended that either parent should be present at the child’s newly started private tuition to take note of how the lesson goes.

Here are some key pointers for you to take into account:

1. Are you getting the private tutor from a reliable source? (Usually, word of mouth would be more trustworthy when engaging a brand new tutor. Large established agencies also have more credibility to their name.

2. After the first lesson, ask your child if the lesson was enjoyable. Was your child smiling or dozing off during the lesson?

3. Take notice if there was any active interaction between the tutor and your child. (E.g Is your child asking the tutor questions? Is there two-way communication?)

4. Talk to the tutor after the lesson. A qualified tutor will be able to answer these questions after the first or second lesson:

● What are my child’s strengths and weaknesses in this subject?

● What are your (the tutor’s) plans to help my child overcome his weaknesses and improve?

5. Is there anything that I (as the parent) can do to help my child?

Good tutors would be able to answer these questions and get a good grasp of your child’s needs from the early lessons on. Ultimately, there is no more important criteria to hiring a good tutor than your child’s match with the tutor regardless of price or track record. Should you have any queries regarding this topic, do drop me a message or comment and we can discuss further.

If you are keen to know more about your child’s learning needs and finding the right tutor, do not hesitate to WhatsApp me(Patrick) at 9112 3794. I also offer a free diagnostic assessment for your child.

Principal and A+ Student

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