Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For Parents/Students

How do I request for a tutor?

There are three ways of requesting a tutor in Learning Smart via

  1. Phone consultation (Call or Whatsapp 91123794)
  2. Requesting a call
  3. Filling up an online form

How long does it take to receive the list of shortlisted tutors?

It usually takes lesser than one working day.

How do I make payment to Learning Smart?

Do note that payment is to be made to Learning Smart and not to the tutor, latest by the 7th of the next month.

You may make a bank transfer via ATM or iBanking to DBS Savings 1005006216. Alternatively, we also accept PayLah and PayNow to 91123794. Please ensure that you notify the agency upon transferring the payment for verification.

Can I change the tutor if I find that the tutor is not suitable?

Yes, of course. You may inform Learning Smart at any point after the first lesson if you feel that the provided tutor does not meet your requirements. You will still need to pay for the conducted lessons, but nothing more!

Learning Smart will refer you a new tutor within one working day.

What are the rates for different educational levels?

The rates may vary slightly based on each tutor’s experience and qualification.

What is the termination policy?

To terminate all scheduled lessons, please notify Learning Smart at least 24 hours before the next lesson starts. We will promptly make the necessary arrangements. Do note that you will still have to make payment to Learning Smart for all lessons that were already conducted.

Can I take a look at some of your tutors?

You can view all of our tutors’ profiles at

You can also request for a specific tutor by clicking on ‘View More’ under his/her profile and filling up the ‘Request For This Tutor’ form.

What is your cancellation policy?

To cancel a lesson, please notify the tutor at least 3 hours before the start of the lesson. If the lesson is cancelled between 1 to 3 hours before its start time, you will be charged half the price of a lesson. Cancelling the lesson within 1 hour will incur the full lesson’s cost.

To request for a makeup lesson, please arrange with the tutor.

For Tutors

Will the students allocated to me be near my location?

Yes, students will be assigned to you based on location!

Will Learning Smart discuss about the available students I can take with me (availability, subject & levels) or just directly assign them to me?

Yes we will discuss with you the allocation of students to you.

I should inform Learning Smart about cancellation of lessons but do I need to inform about makeup lessons / additional lessons as well? Should lessons on public holidays / eve of PH be changed to an alternative date?

Yes you have to inform learning smart if there are changes in the day/timing of the lesson.

How do I inform Learning Smart? Who should I be contacting?

Our principal, Patrick, is in charge of organising the schedule. Assignment of students will come from him as well.

How much will I be earning? How is payment made to me?

You will be earning according to the market rate (refer to figure 1 below). Payment will be made via bank transfer/paylah/paynow.

Will Learning Smart be taking commision for every lesson in addition to the one time agent fee for the first two lessons?

Yes, the parents will be quoted an additional $5-10 ON TOP of the amount we will be paying you as commission fee to learning smart.

Is it right to say that I can only teach the subjects that I am hired for?

That is the expectation. However, if you wish to teach more than the subjects you have registered for, you can discuss this further with us.

Are lessons conducted online or face to face?

This would depend on the parent/student’s preference.

What should I do if the parents are unreasonable, or if I am in any uncomfortable situation with the parents.

Please inform Learning Smart immediately for mediation.